Unparalleled Experience

You’ve worked for years — perhaps decades — to build your legacy, and the time to transition ownership is near. You want to find someone qualified who will take your business to new heights and preserve your legacy. I bring unparalleled decision-making and strategic skills acquired over years of experience in supply chain & logistics, retail, and technology. I can take your business to new heights in ways that others cannot.

Over the last 7 years at Amazon — one of the world’s most innovative companies — I have learned how to listen, plan and lead in order to bring the right people together and solve some of the hardest problems in today’s world of technology.

I have also learned to operate at all levels. Whether a problem is a big, strategic one or a day-to-day problem, I have skills in strategic planning and thinking, product ownership, and analytics that allow me to operate a business and take it to the next level unlike any other individual you will meet.

But perhaps most importantly, I firmly believe that people matter more than profit. That manifests itself in my relationships with employees, customers, and ultimately, you. Your business wouldn’t exist today without the relationships you have built, and I intend to honor those relationships.

If you believe that honesty, transparency, long-term focus and curiosity are the foundations of a strong business, then I am the right person to take your business to new heights.

I look forward to working with you.

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Addison Slabaugh

transition your business on your own terms


To purchase an industry-leading company that is ready to transition ownership via acquisition at a fair price


Our vision is to be a trusted partner rather than simply a negotiator when it comes to transitioning ownership