What I Look For


We favor investing in companies that design, manufacture, sell, or handle physical products in growing industries with few or no large competitors. Prime examples include companies that recycle waste, distribute food through cold chain, or design and manufacture niche products.


We favor investing in companies who offer a large, diverse group of customers a clear and lasting value proposition. We also favor companies with a strong and healthy employee culture that results in employee loyalty and retention.


We favor investing in enduringly profitable companies who have a demonstrable track record over the last decade. Our ideal company has strong customer retention and loyalty, which results in a competitive advantage and high recurring revenue.


Here are some questions we often get asked.

While there are no hard and fast rules, we will only consider businesses that have > $2 million in EBITDA with a high degree of recurring revenue. Beyond that, we take every company on a case-by-case basis.

Yes, we are looking for strong businesses in any part of the United States. Please don’t hesitate to call or get in contact if your business is located outside the Bay Area.

No, I will relocate to operate the business onsite and in person.

This is certainly negotiable. One of the best reasons to sell your business to Slabaugh Capital is because I am willing and able to be flexible. Very little is off the table or out of the question.

If your real estate business generates > $2 million in EBITDA annually with over 70% recurring revenue, then we will consider it. However, our expertise is not in hotels, restaurants, farms, or other forms of real-estate-intensive businesses.